businesses that will benefit most from seo

5 Businesses That Will Benefit Most From SEO In 2017

Almost every type of business can benefit from SEO. If you have a product or service to offer consumers, there are ways you can market that product to maximise the results in the search engine results pages. SEO can be the difference between a wildly profitable business and one that is on its knees. You see, people rarely go past the first page of Google when doing a search. This makes is absolutely critical to be on the first page for your most sought after keywords terms.

While SEO can benefit almost any industry, there are some that can definitely benefit more than others.

Here are five industries that can get the biggest ROI from implementing effective SEO strategies.

Online Business

Online businesses must use SEO to drive traffic, generate leads and make sales. These guys don’t have a brick and mortar presence so being seen online is absolutely critical. Expanding your online presence should be one of your top priorities as an online business owner. Pretty much every type of online business can benefit from a boost in search engine rankings. SEO is seen as the holy grail of traffic as it converts better than any other form of traffic due to its targeted nature.

Real Estate

The real estate industry gets a heap of attention for people looking for new homes and apartments. Effective SEO strategies are instrumental to the success of a real estate company. With particular emphasis on local SEO for obvious reasons, estate agencies can hugely benefit from a long-term SEO campaign.


Restaurants also have the opportunity to take advantage of SEO to hugely increase the number of customers in their business. People that search for a certain type of food in the location of the restaurant can greatly increase the number of bookings and walk-in customers. An extensive SEO campaign will help the restaurant gain more visibility in the search engines as well as help attract more reviews, which in turn further increases the organic search visibility of the restaurant.

Medical & Cosmetic Practices

Doctors, dentists and physicians provide local services that people are always searching for in the their local area. Whether it’s looking for a specialist implant dentist or booking a consultation for a boob job, people are always looking for medical & cosmetic specialists. Bolstering local SEO will make a big impact on enquiries and consultations for these types of businesses.

Professional Service Companies

Companies that offer professional services such as accountancy firms and financial advisors will want to target people based on their location. Again local SEO strategies can really help professional service companies dominate the market in their regions as well as target their audiences more effectively.

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