13 Powerful Stats That Showcase the Value of SEO [Infographic]

Search engine optimisation is a hot topic among many businesses looking to grow their bottom line. More recently though, we’ve seen Google’s algorithm become very sophisticated.

Sophisticated to an extent where people start coming out with claims that “SEO is dead” and other similar nonsensical statements. Yes, Google’s algorithm has changed a lot over the years and yes, they’re incorporating machine learning AI such as Rankbrain to further smarten the search engine but get this….

Has ranking your website high in Google changed much over the last ten years?

The answer is no because the fundamentals remain the same. Google is in the interest of creating amazing user experiences. With this in mind, creating content that not only answers a persons question but informs, entertains and inspires will always deserve top rankings.

Yes, the strategies may change slightly, but from a content perspective, not much has changed at all.

Creating passive income through SEO

Here at renthouse, we’re a little biased towards SEO as a marketing strategy (obviously). SEO is powerful because it has intent behind it. People that are using search engines are looking for answers to their problems and pains in their lives.

SEO is leveraged by affiliate marketers to create content assets that produce passive income for years to come for these business owners. Many also use paid advertising strategies such as Facebook marketing but in terms of affiliate marketing, SEO is the way to go.

Affiliate marketing is just one example of many passive income ideas that can be leveraged through search engine optimisation. There are quite literally, hundreds of ways to build and grow passive income streams these days.

Even small businesses have enjoyed incredible success from ranking well with effective local seo strategies.

The internet has truly changed the way we do almost everything in our lives.

Some peope like to focus on the doom and gloom side of things…. all our jobs are going to disappear and robots will take over the world.

But we prefer the glass half full perspective. Yes, there are downsides to our technology but the upsides far outweigh any negative possibilities in our opinion.

Proving the value of SEO

Bringing things back to SEO, let’s take a look at some stats that prove the incredible value it brings to businesses all over the world.

Did you know that most people don’t click on the paid ads at the top of search results?

On average, less than 15% of clicks come from Google paid ad placements.

This is HUGE.

Over 67% of clicks are attributed to the first five results in the SERPs alone. This means that first page results aren’t what you should be aiming for. The top three results are what really makes a difference in terms of traffic for your business.

This infographic produced by Octos provides some interesting stats about SEO and how it all works.

Some interesting points from the graphic inlclude:

  • 82% of marketing influencers say that SEO is becoming even more effective.
  • Businesses invested over $65 billion in SEO back in 2016.
  • Organic rankings is 85% more likely to bring traffic to your site compared to PPC listings.

13 seo stats

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