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How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Using SEO

Affiliate marketing and SEO are two things that go hand-in-hand when it comes to owning a profitable online business. There are plenty of online business ideas that you can implement immediately to start a profitable business on the side and affiliate marketing just happens to be one of the best business models to get you started.

Affiliate marketing has to be one of easiest ways to get started with your own business on the internet. Some of the best affiliate programs provide opportunities for affiliates to earn insane commissions, and many have done just that, going to to generate seven figures a year from affiliate marketing alone.

If you asked someone if they wanted to build a stream of passive income that will generate money for years to come after the initial work has been completed they would probably bite your hand off!

In reality though, most people just aren’t willing to put the work in. People want a magic push-button solution but this simply doesn’t exist.

As a species, humans have always preferred the path of least resistance. It’s how we’re biologically wired. Most people don’t have multiple income streams because they are unwilling to do the upfront work required to get there. But wouldn’t you rather bust your balls for a few months to build something that will serve you for years? Rather than working five days a week for a company that really thinks you’re disposable. And trading your time for money.

Affiliate marketing has built up a little bit of a bad reputation as a business sector that is filled with spam and crappy content. A few years ago, this was definitely the case but things have changed now. Several companies realised the power of affiliate marketing and have created affiliate programs around their products and services.

This led to a new breed of affiliate marketer coming to the forefront. An affiliate that produces wonderful content and actually adds value to their audience.

Today I want to talk about how you can use the power of SEO to build a profitable online business with affiliate marketing.

Choosing Your Product

Looking at affiliate marketing from an SEO standpoint is all about finding products that have a good amount of targeted search traffic. It’s also about finding a product that pays good commissions (you want to stay away from those $20 ebooks).

Most affiliates choose products that they have an interest in. Products that they’re passionate about. Many blog owners use affiliate marketing to monetise their blogs. It can be a great way to monetise a website that you have in a specific niche.

The bottom line is that if you have a specific knowledge about something, you can monetise that. Even if you aren’t an expert in any particular subject, you can start from scratch and self-teach yourself things very quickly.

Finding Buyer Keywords

After you’ve decided on your niche (if you’re starting from scratch) you’ll need to research the keywords that people use to find the products you’re promoting.

The first step to doing this is to select a product you want to promote:

You can start this process off by researching the best performing affiliate products in your niche. ClickBank is a great place to get started as they have products in almost every niche imaginable.

Clickbank allows you to sort by category and is very easy to navigate. Once you’ve selected a category, you’re going to want to sort products out by gravity. The gravity metric in ClickBank is a way they measure the success of a product. The higher the number, the more products are being sold by affiliates promoting it.

A good benchmark for gravity is 50. Once you find one that looks appealing to you, check the landing pages, read some reviews and make a note of the products you want to promote. You’ll be using this information to find relevant keywords for you to target.

Now we need to get on with some keywords research. Google keywords planner used to be a great tool to find keywords but they’ve recently made some changes that mean you have to be running ads to see the all the search data information.

Mangools is a great alternative to the Google keyword planner, that is also relatively inexpensive.

The great thing about Mangools is that not only does it provide tons of relevant keywords but it also shows you the SEO difficulty, allowing you to effectively gauge the competition for each keyword.

To find relevant keywords you can start off by entering general keyword terms relating to the blog you’ll create and the products you’ll be promoting. Mangools will come up with a bunch of related terms that you can then plug into the search again to find other relevant terms.

This is a great way for you to really dig deep and find those keywords that don’t have insane competition.

Another way for you to find keywords is to search for generic terms in Google and use the “searches related” at the bottom of the page to find terms that you might not have thought about.


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