huge mistakes of seo and affiliate marketing

3 Huge Mistakes Of SEO & Online Marketing

When you first get into online marketing, it can be a minefield. There are tons and tons of articles out there that pertain to marketing and online business, it can be really hard for business owners to figure out the best strategies to follow. Many budding online entrepreneurs tend to start off with affiliate marketing for their first online business venture.

At RentHouse, we have seen our fair share of negative SEO scenarios and setups that businesses are practicing.

Here are three common SEO mistakes that you should avoid:

Not Having A Site Content Strategy

Before Google’s Panda algorithm update, it was pretty common to see small micro affiliate sites dominating the search engine results pages. This was purely based on the quantity of inbound links the website had pointing to it. The quality of the site didn’t matter as much as Google’s algorithm wasn’t as complex as didn’t count user experience signals as a ranking factor.

One of the biggest changes that came as a direct result of the panda update was the promotion of websites that had strong, quality content.

Awesome content is the cornerstone of a website that ranks highly in Google and consistently generates leads and sales for a business.

Google separates high and low-quality content in a number of ways:

  • Grammar and spelling for each post.
  • Use of sub-headings.
  • How long your content is.
  • Outbound links on the page.
  • Quantity and quality of social signals linking to your page.
  • Quantity and quality of inbound links to your page.

When setting out a plan for your site content strategy, you should focus on creating quality content that provides lasting value to your readers.

  • Examples of this type of content could be:
  • Infographics that provide easily-digestible content.
  • Offering your perspective on things based on personal experience.
  • Publishing captivating information that isn’t available anywhere else. Something exclusive.

Not Giving It Time

SEO takes time. It’s definitely a long-term investment. However, the return on investment is well worth the time investment you put into it at the start. There are many other online marketing strategies that produce instant results. Paid advertising is a way that you can produce instant results for your business.

Before starting any SEO campaign, do your research and create a realistic plan that accurately predicts how long it’ll take you to produce those first page rankings for your target keywords.

Not Sharing The Workload

The world of online marketing is too complex to be managed by one person (there are a few exceptions to this rule but if you’re marketing for a company, you definitely need a team). Effective online marketing execution requires a team of knowledgable professionals across various disciplines. Hiring a team can be costly, which is why many companies choose to outsource their digital marketing to agencies.

However, there are ways to hire people without “officially” hiring them and going through all the paperwork that comes with it. Leveraging freelancers can be a great way to get jobs done in your business. You could hire someone to write content for your site or manage your paid advertising campaigns. There is no end to the things that freelancers can do nowadays!

There are plenty of cost-effective ways to scale your marketing strategies and ultimately grow your business in the shortest time possible.

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