We welcome guest posts here at Renthouse! You have the choice to write about anything related to search engine marketing (provided it hasn’t already been covered on the blog).

Here’s why you might want to write for us:

You get exposure for your work – Renthouse has a small readership at the moment but we have big goals for where we want this little blog to go. Writing for us will give you increased exposure and authority for your website through the backlinks we allow in our content.

You’ll help people with your content – helping people should make you feel good. Putting value out there and assisting people is what we love doing here are Renthouse SEO.

Some guidelines to follow:

  • Your post must be original – We check all guest post submissions on copyscape for plagiarism so please don’t submit content that you’ve copied from somewhere else.
  • Don’t link to dodgy websites – We don’t mind you including a link back to your site (if it’s topically relevant to the post and provides useful additional information) but if you’re adding links to spammy sites, these will be removed.
  • At least 400 words – We don’t ask for much here at Renthouse, requiring a minimum of only 400 words for a blog post. That said, the post should provide value and still have key takeaways for our readers.
  • Images – We love using images and your content should include at one image in the body. Images help break the text up and add an extra layer of depth to the piece.
  • No affiliate marketing links – no direct links to affiliate marketing programs please.

Send you guest post ideas to [email protected], we’ll get back to you and take things from there.